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Banjoko Law Overview

Banjoko Law is a full-service law firm with offices in Kingston, Jamaica, London, New York City, and Toronto. Practice areas encompass commerce and business law, probate and administration, real estate, family law and divorce, personal injury, and civil litigation for a variety of legal matters.

The firm is positioned to deliver legal solutions across borders that arise out of and/or impact clients’ presence, operations, and activities in Jamaica. Over the past three decades, the attorneys have gained experience and exposure from living in many common law jurisdictions. They appreciate the dynamic mix of attitudes and dispositions based on shared expectations of capable and responsive customer relationships.

Banjoko Law is committed to finding practical and affordable solutions to clients’ legal challenges, and offers counsel with the goal to prevent situations from escalating. While working diligently to further clients’ interests, the firm is sensitive to clients’ concerns about privacy and confidentiality and does not disclose information about its cases or divulge the names of clients, without their permission.

Additional Areas of Law: Securities; Incorporations; Agreements; Fair Trading; Partnerships; Debt Collection; Taxpayers’ Registrations- NHT, NIS, and TRN; Competition; Fair Trading; Franchising; Partnerships and Joint Ventures; Debt Collection; Paternity; Domestic Violence; Estate Administration; Trusts; Motor Vehicle Accidents; Drunk Driving Accidents; Brain Injuries; Professional Negligence; Fires and Explosions; Plane Crashes; Railroad Crossing Accidents; Catastrophic Injuries; Accidental Death; Intentional Torts; Class Action Lawsuits; Breach of Contract; Enforcement of Judgments; Filing Foreign Judgments; Representation before Licensing Boards; Disciplinary Hearings; Probate and or Administration of Estate Disputes; Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions; Appeals.

Banjoko Law Areas of Law Description

– Aviation Law

A profound understanding of aeronautics, avionics, and ever changing commercial issues is necessary to provide productive advice, which may involve a maze of laws and regulations and the involvement of multiple insurance companies. Our focus and main activities:

• Acquisitions
• Sales
• Long term leases
• Flight school operations
• Maintenance
• Facilities operations
• Accidents
• Denial of service
• Regulatory compliance

– Commerce and Business

We can assist you to operate with ease on the domestic, regional and international markets. We aim to structure trade agreements, protocols and trade practices consistent with the values of diminished ambiguity, avoidance of doubt, well-defined responsibilities, stated obligations, and specified conflict or dispute resolution mechanisms. Our focus and main activities:

• Competition
• Fair trading
• Franchising
• Partnerships and Joint Ventures
• Business Contracts- supply of goods and services
• Licenses and related agreements
• Debt collection
• Taxpayers’ registrations- NHT, NIS, and TRN

– Company Law

We have been providing financial services to individuals and businesses in an integrated manner. We strive for clarity, comprehensiveness, and simplicity, yet precision in formulating agreements to avoid and reduce disagreements or misunderstandings that could lead to disputes and litigation and the use of other conflict resolution devices resulting in the diversion or waste of precious capital and non-capital resources.

– Estate Planning

Our firm is sensitive to the contending issues and interests that always follow estates that fail to plan. Our goal is to help or assist you enjoy the fruits of your labor and fulfill your every wish to help assist present and succeeding generations; enable cost-efficient asset transfers; ensure expeditious probates; forthright execution of administration where the deceased failed to write a will; and quick access to funds destined for you and others. Focus and Main Activities: Wills; Trusts; Charitable giving; Probate; and, Administration.

– Family and Divorce

This very sensitive area of law brings out basic or survival instincts as the parties work towards solutions that previously and regrettably proved unattainable. We will be caring, soft, but firm in our approach to allow everyone to “win” and go on to lead new lives and establish fresh, and, hopefully, lasting relationships. Focus and Main Activities: Adoptions; Child custody; Maintenance; Property settlements; and, Contested and uncontested divorces.

– Personal Injury and Fatal Accidents

It is often said that life is full of uncertainties. This expression sums up the nature of accidents. Some accidents can be “expected” by the nature of the circumstances or environments surrounding the incident. If and when you are injured in an accident, you should be compensated if you are not to be blamed, wholly or partially. The law is quite clear about your right to be compensated in a timely manner and our firm will work to realize this goal for you and your family or loved ones.

– Property

Security of tenure, clear title to your property, and peace of mind in your legal or equitable interest are vital to the continued vibrancy of the society. Our firm is eager to use proven and innovative approaches to the acquisitions, ownership, and management of property whether you are overseas or in Jamaica. Our focus and main activities include:

• Sales
• Purchases
• Construction contract
• Mortgage arrangements
• Foreclosure and other distressed exit or termination methods
• Leases
• Rental agreements
• Title problems
• Disputes with neighbors
• Zoning, variances and restrictive covenants