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Hedding Law Firm Overview

Hedding Law Firm is a full-service criminal defense firm with offices in Los Angeles and Encino that serves clients throughout Southern California. Practice areas include DUI and traffic tickets, violent crimes including assault and murder, drug charges, white-collar crimes such as fraud, sex crimes, theft crimes, and many other State and Federal crimes.

Ronald W. Hedding has been a practicing attorney since the 1970’s, and Ronald D. Hedding has been practicing criminal law for more than 25 years. He has tried more than 200 jury trials and handled every type of criminal case. Board certified and well educated with current law, the lawyers’ vast experience and credentials have given them a well-rounded perspective on the criminal justice system.

Hedding Law Firm provides an honest and straightforward assessment for all clients. The legal team is dedicated to zealously defending clients and pursuing the best outcomes with the highest professional standards.

Year this Office was Established: 1995

Languages: English, Spanish

Hedding Law Firm Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Extradition; Federal Crimes; Loitering; Crime of Escape; Crime of Treason; Elder Abuse; False Imprisonment; Firearm Offense; Home Invasion; Kidnapping; Resisting Arrest; Super Strike; Torture; Manslaughter; Bench Warrants; Hit & Run; Probation Violation; Three Strikes; Violent Crimes; Child Abduction; Child Endangerment; Criminal Protective Orders; Criminal Threats; Intimidation; Restraining Order; Spousal Abuse; Stalking; Bank Fraud; Identity Theft; Consumer Fraud; Conspiracy; Counterfeiting; Extortion; False Financial Statement; Forgery; Credit Card Fraud; Check Fraud; Healthcare Fraud; Insider Trading; Insurance Fraud; Medicare Fraud; Medicaid Fraud; Mortgage Fraud; Child Molestation; Child Pornography; Prostitution; Failure to Register; Human Trafficking; Internet Pornography; 290 Registration; Lewd Conduct; Sex with a Minor; Solicitation; Rape; Theft Crimes; Assault; Battery; Burglary; Carjacking; Embezzlement; Grand Theft; Petty Theft; Robbery; Receiving Stolen Property; Misdemeanors; Animal Cruelty; Contempt of Court; Gang Enhancement; Gambling; Obstruction of Justice; Street Racing Crimes; Drug Trafficking; Prescription Drug Fraud; Public Intoxication; Prescription Drug Fraud; Reckless Driving; Hate Crimes; Vandalism; Larceny; Looting; Hazing; Mail Fraud; Disability Fraud; Online Fraud; Unemployment Insurance Fraud; Massage Parlor Arrests; Tax Evasion; Armed Robbery; Aiding & Abetting; Shoplifting; Gang Crimes; Trespassing; Harassment; Perjury; Bribery.


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