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Janathan L. Allen, APC Overview

The law firm of Jonathan L. Allen, APC is based in San Diego, California and serves clients throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles County and Orange Counties, as well as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and other parts of the United States. Our legal services encompass business formation, corporate governance and compliance, trademarks and copyrights, mergers and acquisitions, purchase or sale of a business, and international business ownership and transitions. We also provide estate planning, as well as mediation and arbitration for resolving business disputes.

Attorney Allen is well versed about IRS and California’s taxation matters, such as audits, appeals, levies, garnishments, and liens. Her experience and knowledge are effective for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, partnership enterprises, and other business entities.

Well-positioned tax strategies are imperative to meet your obligations while preserving your capital and assets. We will help you sort out the complexities of your business needs and guide you and your firm through your legal matters.

Languages: English

Janathan L. Allen, APC Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Corporate Governance and Compliance; Joint Ventures; International Business Ownership and Transactions; Foreign Corporate Ownership; Transfer Pricing; Purchase or Sale of a Business; Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract; Shareholder Disputes; Minority Shareholder Disputes and Shareholder Oppression; Violations of Fiduciary Duty or Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Partnership Disputes; Business to Business Disputes; Disputes Between Member Owners of a Limited Liability Company (LLC); Disputes Between a Company and a Supplier; Disputes Between a Company and its Customers; Disputes and Lawsuits Defending the Management or Owner of a Company; Misclassification Disputes (Independent Contractor or Employee); Any Lawsuit Involving a Commercial or Business Interest; Accounting Services; Trusts; Business Strategy; Business Plans; International Business and Supply Chain Management; Business Review; Buying or Selling a Business; Critical Performance Review; International and Domestic Tax Planning; IRS Audit; FBAR Compliance and FATCA; Liens, Levies and Garnishment; California Tax Agencies and Audits including the FTB, EDD and BOE; International Tax Strategies; Tax Measures in Response to Covid 19.


Janathan L. Allen, APC Areas of Law Description

The firm focuses on legal, tax accounting and business services. The firm has deep tax experience and expertise with the IRS and California tax agencies such as the FTB, EDD and BOE, and employs a CPA and accounting professionals to support accounting and tax preparation and implementation.



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