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Law Offices of Scott Henry Overview

Law Offices of Scott Henry is a criminal defense firm that serves clients throughout Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties in California with offices in Tustin, Redlands, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Practice areas include DUI, domestic violence, arson, burglary and theft, drug offenses, white collar crimes, student defense, and sex crimes as well as early termination of probation and expungement.

Law Offices of Scott Henry is comprised of a former Riverside County Public Defender and a former Clerk for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office who have decades of combined legal experience. They have collectively handled hundreds of DUI and criminal cases and have extensive knowledge of how cases are investigated and prosecuted. Scott Henry has built strong relationships with local prosecutors and judges, and they understand he is willing and able to take his cases to trial.

Law Offices of Scott Henry works to assertively defend the rights and freedoms of clients who have been arrested and charged with a crime. The legal team strives to provide each client with a personalized defense designed to secure the best possible outcome given the circumstances of the case.

Law Offices of Scott Henry Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Assault; Arson; Student Defense; Theft; Burglary; Identity Theft; Robbery; Auto Theft; Shoplifting; Early Termination of Probation; Fraud; Check Fraud; Extortion; Credit Card Fraud; Health Insurance Fraud; Foreclosure Fraud; Real Estate Fraud; Securities Fraud; Welfare Fraud; Sexual Abuse; Rape; Indecent Exposure; Lewd Acts in Public; Solicitation; Prostitution; Soliciting a Minor; Bank Fraud; Corporate Fraud; Embezzlement; Extortion; Healthcare Fraud; Income Tax Fraud; Insurance Fraud; Mail Fraud; Money Laundering; Mortgage Fraud; Federal Crimes; Criminal Appeals; Failure to Appear; Child Pornography; Kidnapping; Collaborative Court; Jury Trial; Mental Health Diversion; Petition for Factual Innocence; Three Strikes Law; Carjacking; False Imprisonment; Manslaughter; DMV Hearings; Sexual Assault; Criminal Threats; Weapons Charges; Arrest Warrant; Harassment; Child Endangerment; Disturbing the Peace; Child Abuse; Child Abduction; Spousal Abuse; Hazing; Intimidation; Stalking; Trespassing; Domestic Battery; Elder Abuse; Restraining Order; Drug Trafficking; Violent Crime; Felonies; Misdemeanors; Sealing of Juvenile Records; Petty Theft.


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