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Spolin Law P.C. Overview

Spolin Law, P.C. is a criminal defense appeals law firm located in Los Angeles that serves clients throughout California. The firm handles matters related to writs of habeas corpus, post-conviction petitions, commutation applications, SB1437 and AB2942 petitions, investigations, and federal appeals as well as civil rights violations such as police brutality, prisoner rights, and illegal search and seizure.

Aaron Spolin is a former prosecutor with extensive experience in a wide array of both misdemeanors and felonies. He believes in the right of those accused to challenge incorrect decisions through the appeal process, aimed at overturning wrongful convictions, reversing unlawful incarcerations, and clearing their records.

Attorney Spolin approaches every case he takes with enthusiasm and compassion and devotes significant resources to the comprehensive defense of clients, passionate about working to uphold their rights.

Languages: English

Spolin Law P.C. Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Criminal Appeals; Writs of Habeas Corpus; Federal Appeals; Post-Conviction Petitions; Commutation Applications; SB1437 & AB2942 Petitions; Investigations; Civil Rights; Confiscation of Property by Law Enforcement; Illegal Search and Seizure; Police Brutality; Prisoner Rights; Sexual Harassment by Law Enforcement; Race & Gender Discrimination in Correctional Facilities; Fraud Defense; Forgery; Falsification of Documents; Insurance Fraud; Welfare Fraud; Embezzlement; Tax Fraud; Loan Fraud; Check Fraud; Credit Card Fraud; Disorderly Conduct; Assault and Battery; False Imprisonment; Kidnapping; Robbery; Hit and Run; Vehicular Manslaughter; Homicide; Inmate’s Freedom with the First Step Act.

Spolin Law P.C. Areas of Law Description

Spolin Law is led by award-winning former prosecutor Aaron Spolin, who is ranked in the top 1% of criminal law attorneys in California. The firm takes on a limited number of clients each year and devotes significant resources to the comprehensive, full-scale defense of each client.


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